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Bruges off the beaten path

  • The English Convent is a beige-coloured stone church crowned with a large round dome. The origins date back to the 16th century and the reign of King Henry VIII of England. As a result of a disagreement with the Church of Rome and the Pope’s refusal to ratify his divorce, he decided to establish his own church. Today it is occupied by an order of Augustinian canonesses. Presumably, the Bruges poet-priest Guido Gezelle died here. A must-see off the beaten path neighbourhood!
  • The Balstraat lies in the picturesque parish of St.-Anne. If you like going off the beaten track, this working-class neighbourhood is an absolute must. If you want to get to know Bruges inside out, welcome to B&B Emma in Bruges!
  • A unique place with a lush orchard and meadows with cows at pasture in the historic centre of Bruges! In the 17th century a new Cistercian abbey was erected here. During the French Revolution the abbot and monks were chased away. The abbey was first used as a military hospital and then as a military depot and grammar school. Up to the present day the Seminary of Bruges has been training catholic priests. If you want to get to know Bruges inside out, welcome to B&B Emma!
  • While the picturesque town centre is endlessly fascinating we mustn’t forget Bruges city ramparts. The green lung encircles almost the entire town and offers a variety of interesting locations worth discovering.You can for example admire the four remaining windmills as well as several medieval town gates. A tour along the ramparts is an ideal opportunity to process all your Bruges impressions. If you want to get to know Bruges inside out, welcome to B&B Emma!
  • The Old St.-John's Hospital in Bruges is one of Europe's oldest surviving hospital buildings. The hospital grew during the Middle Ages and was a place where sick pilgrims and travellers were cared for. The site was later expanded with the building of a monastery and convent. Today part of the hospital complex holds the popular Hans Memling museum. The hospital site is also used as a congress and exhibition centre, the site Oud Sint-Jan. If you want to get to know Bruges inside out, welcome to B&B Emma!
  • Experience the city by following an age-old tradition. Cruising Bruges canals – the remarkable city arteries – you will discover secret gardens, picturesque bridges and wonderfully beautiful views. Although it sounds incredible, Bruges loveliest places ooze even more charm when you admire them travelling by boat. Would you want to get to know Bruges inside out, welcome to B&B Emma!
  • The stone Leeuwbrug in the Leeuwstraat dates from 1627. The stone bridge replaced a wooden one that dated back to the 12th century and was part of the first city ramparts. B&B Emma is located in Saint-Giles, a working class parish that dates back to the 12th century as well. So it's well situated to explore Bruges inside out!

Bruges is much more than just it's historic landmarks. Why not venture out to the parishes of St. Giles, St. Anne or St. Walburga? Each has it's own characteristics, steeped in history and they all have the feel of a town within the city.  Or make a tour of the former ramparts and discover the four citygates still in existence, take in the view over the city near the windmills. Hungry and thirsty? Lot's of choices to let those weary feet have a rest! Check out our 'Off the beaten path' package. We are happy to show you around!